about ‘joie de v‘: the blog

welcome lovely people! thanks for coming. stay awhile & linger. savor the complex mess that is life, the deep mystery of our wild mind; indulge in the sweetness that is laughter. swirl the rich taste of words on your palate. may pausing here be delectable & worth every solitary & precious breath of yours.

joie=joy: truly happy people are not happy all the time. we run the entire smorgasbord of human emotions. it isn’t some sugar sweetened, plastered on fake happy-all-the-time-cuz i-do-yoga-and-am-a-vegequarian kind of joy. it’s more like deeply getting how truly exquisite this one breath is, here & right now. this one. to be fully present with what is. not to like it or unlike it, but to remain true to Self and Truth. to remember & stay connected with what’s REAL.

de: of

v=vie: life baby, pure ‘n simply, life!

this blog & site is written and produced by veronique fleming (aka ‘v’). wild flower, world adventurer, yoga teacher, writer, health practitioner, nutritional lifestyle consultant, trail runner. lover of life & dogs. a peace ‘N truth freedom warrior for a transcendental, radiant, juicy, green life!

               purify yourself and become dust, so that from dust, flowers can grow. -rumi