Monthly Archives: September 2012

the art of non-perfection


okay. this is about letting go of perfection. this blog is not quite organized. it isn’t the look i really love. i’ve been languishing over a new format, a new look, and taken no action…yet, every day at least a million words or so go tickering* thru my head, like the nyc times square news feed on the jumbotron, grasping desperately for attention, practically doing circus tricks begging to get on the page.

i was trained by a master perfectionist. i am talking the best of the best. what a great lesson now, to take the opposite path, learning the art of letting go of perfection. tony robbins, for one, is big on that. it is definitely this feeling of being up on the high dive and getting ready to jump, doing all sorts of prep to jump, [you know, like shopping for the right suit, organizing things that have nothing to do with the actual event etc. ad nauseam] and then you just gotta. you step up and fly. omg, it can be so scary! but scary with benefits. one thing i am noticing: more actually gets done! wooohoo! this is a gold medal kinda feeling of accomplishments in simple, modern day-to-day living. the truth is that at some point soon, we have to say, “ok, this is done. it is complete. it is good enough. and might as well throw in, “i am good enough”, while we’re at it.

so, here it is. my blog in all it’s quirkiness, imperfections, specialized grammaticalness [yep, that is actually a noun] & spellings, made up words and goofy style. one of my dreams is to be a published & successful writer, author, blogger. so, the q remains: why am i not doing this on a daily basis. why are any of us not doing, not getting to the number one things on our bucket list? why does it become more like the ‘duck-it’ list? as in, oooh, get out of the way, i’ve got too much in the inbox already, get in line, take a number! kinda thing. i am not one to go deeply into nature of ‘why’. it can be an obsessive waste of time. notice. observe. call it what it is. appreciate. and then, just do it.

just did it. ha ha ahaaa!

avec l’amour,

*a word i made up. you get the gist, oui?