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in the beginning…


was the word…and the word(s) in 2012 are ‘just do it’. whatever it is that feeds your soul, that you’ve been putting off, do it now!

hi lovely peeps! it’s been way too long since i wrote the first (and last) blog entry. so, it’s just time to get a moo-ve on, groove on. i’ve been wanting to join my many worlds, the beloved yoga community in deutschland that i helped pioneer this last decade, my students & friends across europe & the globe, with this new, growing & evolving community in the fabulous san francisco bay area. a case of the old west meets the far-out, wild west? perhaps. however, i’m renaming it, reclaiming it ‘far-in’. (more on that in a future post).

i want to connect all those that were a part of that burgeoning & precious sangha to this now path of radiant health & nutrition, with my new adventure, a company i’m building called ‘joie de v’. i am growing it slowly, in the fashion of this evolving ‘slow’ movement. eat slow, live slow, love slow. that is the mantra, the new calling for so many of us who are or have been addicted to burn more (of our core (jing) energy), be better (cuz we are never good enough), run faster (be number 1), and a do more (by all means necessary) kind of lifestyle. you know it: ‘do’ more yoga (read: asana which is NOT exactly yoga), more work, more money, more email, more fun, more friends, more facebook, more friends on facebook, more everything. the who said it succinctly ‘too much of anything is too much for me. too much of everything gets too much for me.’ and in the end, it really ends up ironically being less of everything n’est-ce pas? and then we just want more again, and so the hamster wheel goes…

as we know, this only works for so long. and it is actually just a matter of time before the crash & burn, (and yes, eventually die), happens. it happened to me. crashed & hard. had a dream. built it. gave everything to it. gave it all for the vision, which i loved. it was amazing. beyond my wildest imagination. the problem is, you cannot, no matter how much you love something, how dedicated, committed, devoted, on track, intentional, inspired, supported etc. (you get the pic) you are, you just cannot give all your jing away. it is not better to burn out and fade away.

in chinese medicine, jing is our primal essence as human beings. we are born with a limited amount of jing energy. it’s stored in the kidneys and defines our basic constitution. it is intimately connected to the growth and maturation of each individual. once it’s used up, so are you. after numerous years of upwards of 60, 70, 80+ hour work weeks, the body/mind/spirit gives in & up. it’s called dis-ease. high stress is absolutely unsustainable, it is not in our true nature to be a slave to anything, even your well-intentioned, well-oiled, well-loved dream.

how we live does indeed profoundly affect us. how do we live? what is our vision for our one wild & precious life, as the poet mary oliver so eloquently called it. what is it you’ve been putting off that you know would make the best shift in your life towards radiant health -a truly healthy, happy life? we all already know. so listen inside, find the inner wisdom whispering (or maybe by now, loudly carousing you) to your heart and allow it to become your reality, before life just takes over you. just take the first step. and give room for it all. the shadow and the light. the dark, the bright. the entire enchilada. whole view, rather than hole view.

may the words on the page inspire you, guide you, remind you to take right action, to live, eat, speak, breathe and be your truth and nothing but your authentic truth self. hari om tat sat!

joie de v