Monthly Archives: December 2011

joie de v… of life!


hi beautiful people!  welcome to my very first blog ever. i am so psyched to finally get this out into the world! my intention is that you will get massive inspiration from dropping in every once in awhile to read, peruse & carouse this fun, health-filled, well lit place for health. i will be posting mind-blowing (yes), well-researched, accessible & easy to understand information about health. i will be interviewing people i find fascinating, visionary & making a difference with their “one wild & precious life”. may this site help you to plant a seed of radiant health. may those seeds spark waves of light that blossom deep in your soul, and may that help forge the unpaved road to joy. may you drink deeply & frequently from these words on the page. i hope you become a raving fan of ‘joie de v’.

                                                                              one flower can awaken the entire dream…